Hang Out



naam: Joscha Weiand
Titel inzending: Hang Out
Naam: Design Academy Eindhoven
Faculteit: Design
Studierichting: Leisure
Afstudeerrichting: Leisure
Studiejaar: 2012
Betrokken vakdocent: Eibert Draisma
Contactinfo inzender  
E-mail: joschaweiand@gmail.com

Het project

Hangout is a semi-permanent shelter that combines the practicality of a tent and the safety and comfort of a house. Compact and easy to assemble, it was designed to accommodate the added influx of tourists visiting an urban area during a festival. It consists of a tarpaulin stretched between two wooden facades. A ladder gives access to a large net suspended beneath the roof that doubles up as a hammock and a storage area for luggage. The ground-floor window features a built-in table that can be positioned either inside or outside, depending on the weather.


Hang out should win the WoodChallenge 2012 because it is the world’s first tent house. The design is simple, practical and fun. The design was originally created for tourists coming to an urban environment, but it’s potential is so much greater. For example Hang out could be used in areas which have been struck by disasters, to help people that have lost everything.
It can also be a commercial product because of the huge potential for flexibility it is possible to change the shape of the facade, the length and colour of the tarp and It is even possible to print on the tarp.
Camping’s and environmental areas can also benefit from hangout, because it doesn’t require any foundation. This minimizes the damage the structure does to the environment, in off seasons farmers can set up the buildings for camping and when they need the land for farming the can dismantle and stack the buildings in a shed using the minimum amount of space. Why not use normal tents? Because Hangout is glamping (glamorous camping) which attracts the upper class thus more money can be asked for the same service.

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